Monday, December 05, 2016

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expressHR is a leading provider of recruitment vendor management technology for permanent, temporary and contract labour, designed to deliver operational efficiencies to our Customers and to Partners operating Managed Services or a Vendor Neutral or Master Vendor basis.

expressHR systems are utilised by Partners and Customers across diverse industry sectors, particularly in Local Authorities, Major Corporates, Call Centres, Warehouse and Driving, Social Care, Defence and many more.


What we do?

expressHR’s software manages spend on Temp/contract labour, both employed and engaged through agencies, to provide visibility and control of spend, very cost-effectively while ensuring complete accuracy in billing and payment processes for all staff paid on timesheets.

Who For?

We provide this to MSPs who manage spend and require one system to handle multiple clients, RPOs who deliver recruitment outsourced services, to Corporate HR and Procurement Depts who need to manage their supply chain, and recruitment value-added service providers that supply more than just staff. Ideal solution for multi-client RPO service providers operating multiple Perm recruitment solutions but requiring just one cost-effective solution for managing all Temp labour for all their clients.