As one of the forerunners of the cloud delivery model which pioneered ‘on-demand’ software, it should come as no surprise that expressHR has been a Software-as-a-Service application since its inception.

The platform is secured in a number of world-class data centres with fully-managed hosting solutions, instant emergency response and failover capability. We make ongoing, strategic investment to ensure our infrastructure is best-in-class, so we can rightfully support your complete contingent workforce programs, leaving you more time to strengthen your client relations.

The two central tenets to our technical foundation are the leading, universally accepted web application platform, SharePoint, and innovative, agile transformation tool, K2 blackpearl. Technically strong & robust, together they underpin our mission to transform organisations into collaborative, supportive enterprises with powerful solutions that allocate the right work to the right people, that delivers the right information essential in making the right decisions.

What’s more is that the fusion of these two product suites have allowed us to break out of the traditional bonds of Front, Middle & Back Office technologies. Organisations no longer think in terms of Front, Middle & Back Offices and neither do we, information, vital to your business’ needs, will be delivered quickly from wherever the repository and, with an orientation towards Office 365, in a format everyone’s comfortable with.

Powering the recruitment industry

Empowering your clients by delivering great service

Smart & controllable customisation at your fingertips

A software-with-a-service provider with a processing spend of over $1 billion

Placing the process into RPO

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