The good news is we have just one product, and one product alone, the expressHR Recruitment Management Solution (RMS).

The beauty of such a simple and clear solution is that we’re able to focus on how exactly to adapt this to address many different and diverse MSP & RPO scenarios. Through our RMS, expressHR has processed £millions in customers’ spend on contingency & temporary staffing and by providing our partners and customers with bespoke recruiting & resourcing processes as required.

Consequently, we’ve facilitated:
  • - The successful and seamless integration, via our unique API, to all major third party recruitment systems
  • - Onboarding and compliance processes
  • - Electronic time-sheet capture and approvals, all within a highly data secure environment
  • - Payroll batching for multiple agency suppliers
  • - Self-billing to all agency suppliers
  • - Consolidated invoicing to their clients
  • - Export filing to payroll systems, ERP systems and many more
  • - Providing real-time, accurate and relevant reporting metrics
  • - Personalised direct sourced in a self-branded corporate manner


Benefits to you include:

  • - Timesheet input to invoice creation in a matter of a seconds
  • - No need to touch a sheet of paper or make a single calculation
  • - Real time reporting for better business planning and highlighting of customer service
  • - The virtual elimination of bed-debt and improvement of cash flow
  • - No more lost timesheets or expensive consumables
  • - Integration and co-existence with existing front and back office systems
  • - No extra investment in hardware, software or staff

expressHR appreciate the underdog sometimes needs a helping-hand. Over many years we have successfully facilitated the growth & development of the smaller players, helping them build the quality of service delivery that puts the competition under pressure, and under scrutiny. With our intuitive and easy-to-get-to-grips-with tools we’ll enable you to get the best out of your employees as they raise their own expectations and performance. Reacting with the speed & agility that the ‘big boys’ simply can’t, your responsive nature will be swiftly recognised as our highly configurable and customisable software allow you to play to your strengths and succeed in your clients’ eyes.


expressHR at a glance:

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20 employees (tiny but flexible!)

Enabling today’s leading recruitment & resourcing organisations to succeed in delivering tremendous results with great service

MSPs, RPOs, Agency, Hybrid recruiters, Payroll Bureau

Finance, Healthcare, Construction, Airlines

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