Managing your contingency workforce is a competitive beast at the best of times. Throw in the ever-changing world of legislative employment and tax frameworks and, all of a sudden, it becomes a bear-pit.

Throughout Europe, we have recently observed governments taking action to address any perceived abuse, or mis-use, of tax systems pertaining to contingency workers. Undeniably, many of the proposed changes are likely to have a fundamental impact on the provision of temporary, contract, interim, freelance and consulting labour. At expressHR, we sincerely believe you ignore these changes at your peril: if you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance!

The use of expressHR Onboarding & Offboarding document management enables the creation of a fully compliant onboarding framework with ease and simplicity, whilst providing that all-important peace of mind from legal or corporate recourse.

Create as many (or as few!) templates as your clients require, seamlessly populate with the relevant and necessary legislative-compliant data, such as personal information, employment status, passport data, visa status, references, qualifications, backgrounders, employing relationship, tax code, pay/charge rates, and automatically generate accurate and legally binding contracts. For many RPOs, having a multitude of clients presents its own set of challenges including customised offer-letters, country specific paperwork, a wide variety of locations & working environments, and more. Swiftly and accurately create the necessary paperwork on-demand and minimise the costs between placement and start, whilst automatically popping-out reminders to quickly complete the required, or about to expire, documents. And then when the assignment is at an end, reverse the process in a pleasing and fully compliant manner to everyone’s satisfaction

Secure electronic signature authentication completes the swift process, for a simple, successful and fully compliant end-to-end onboarding process. And by centralising the essential onboarding steps in a secure, yet easily accessed framework, expressHR Onboarding & Offboarding allows the relevant individuals to identify exactly where a new-hire is at in the process, together with what still needs to happen and who needs to do it!

expressHR Onboarding & Offboarding is the start of a more efficient, cost-effective, compliant and streamlined contingency workforce management process, where both client & candidate experience is significantly improved and the time between placement & start is greatly reduced.

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