In today’s increasing diverse and competitive recruiting environment, candidates can, and indeed do, come from many disparate sources.

With expressHR’s direct-&-multi-sourcing application facilitating company-branded candidate marketing, your clients will welcome the opportunity of advertising directly, viewing, creating and editing directly-sourced candidate records, accessing candidate data on any device, at any time. Recruiters can’t afford to miss great candidates, and with expressHR’s multi-posting technology, they never will.

The system automatically tracks all email activity associated with a particular candidate record and updates that record in real time, offering a complete view of your candidate interactions and relationships. Simply de-dupe and easily parse in CVs, add notes, and create new tasks and appointments from candidate emails. See the latest info about your candidates while in your inbox, and access a sender’s full contact record from an email with a single click.

This integration streamlines a recruiter’s workflow, reduces clicks, and provides a continuously up-to-date view of candidate information. expressHR’s Multi-Sourcing toolset allows you to easily capture information from the Web and immediately add it into the relevant field and have the option to update or add candidates, contacts, or jobs. With our surprisingly simple Boolean logic, advanced keyword search, and prioritization of results, you can build a qualified shortlist in no time at all. Customize and configure list views and save your favourite searches for even greater efficiency and savings.

Our powerful, easy-to-use candidate tracking system lets your clients manage the entire recruitment process from a single interface – from a desktop or mobile device, on any Internet browser, on a Mac or PC. From job submission to candidate placement, the expressHR RMS product suite eliminates wasted time on manual data entry, streamlining the end-to-end recruiting process and enabling your team to move faster and work smarter.

expressHR provides the most comprehensive applicant tracking system for managing recruiters' workflow, allowing recruiting teams to be extremely agile and move fluidly through each step of the recruitment process.

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