Our Enterprise Engine is the workhorse, the backbone of the product suite and radically automates and streamlines all the manual, laborious, time-consuming and error-prone timesheet-related activities within the complex recruiting & contingency workforce payments process.

By eliminating time & labour-intensive, expensive and frustrating errors, we will facilitate an innovative, slick and easy-to-use timesheet-to-pay & bill mechanism, taking full account of multiple payroll processes, multiple invoices and payment types, and payroll batching, self-billing and consolidated invoicing for multiple suppliers, saving everyone, staff, supplier and contingent workers, frustration, effort and energy.

The ensuing accuracy, with first-class auditing where disputed rates, hours and invoices will be a thing of the past, rapidly diminishes any points of payment contention, quicken your payments schedule, ensure you receive remittance by return, improve any bad-debt scenario, and enhance your cash flow position. Furthermore, the streamlined process and improved customer experience, encompassing electronic approvals, will allow your staff to spend less time correcting embarrassing input errors & answering irrelevant questions on hours, holidays, rates, expenses & invoices, and more time doing what you want them to, enhancing their client service delivery, being more responsive and generating greater productivity. Also, by ensuring your own staff are paid swiftly and rewarded accurately, you’re undoubtedly going to enjoy a loyal & fully committed workforce yourself.

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