expressHR is the leading provider of recruitment & resourcing solutions for today’s diverse and increasingly complex workforce.

Our expertise offers the opportunity of a fully integrated, seamless and intuitive platform for recruitment vendor and contingency workforce management, from front-office relationship management to back-office accounting fulfilment, and encompassing most things in between. Enabling the successful and cost-effective adoption of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Provision (MSP), expressHR solutions are delivered, globally and across industries as distinct as finance and healthcare, by an experienced team, using tried & tested implementation techniques and leading-edge, yet proven technologies.

In reality, today’s recruiting & resourcing solutions need to be all things to all people. Invariably, they will have to cover all bases: a flexible, ever-changing and dynamic contingency, freelance, temporary and contract workforce; an increasing difficult-to-attract, and often as difficult-to-retain, permanent entity; disparate candidate, career and job boards, together with a burgeoning, and increasingly eclectic, social media presence; multiple suppliers and outsourced services. Modern parlance would have us acknowledge that in-house, hybrid and blended all need to be accommodated. They will have to address increased cost-per-hire and time-to-hire pressures, swiftly adapt to changed service level agreements and react adroitly to essential key performance indicators.

And what’s more, it’s now universally accepted that software-as-a-service is the only truly cost-efficient way to go, either within a public, private or ideally, Microsoft cloud. And don’t for one second forget that your customers operate internationally so, of course, your solutions and service have to take account of multiple currencies, languages, legislation and time zones.

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