Win, Protect and Develop your Key Accounts with the help of experts

You focus on finding the candidates and filling vacancies, we pick up the administration and technology requirements.

Our Recruitment Solution for Agencies ensures you can offer and deliver managed service solutions that are best-in-class that not only protect your relationship with key clients (by mitigating the risk of a competitor offering a managed service to your key clients), but also enables you to get access to all the roles within your key clients.

We have not only developed a proprietary technology platform, designed to support agencies in delivering master vendor and managed service contracts, giving you the means to pitch for and deliver with confidence, but we support you with experts to enhance your credibility and capabilities.

Your focus is on finding the candidates and filling vacancies, while our solution handles the administration and technology requirements and our experts manage the planning, implementation support.

You deliver an exceptional service to your clients, partnered with a market leading service provider and a world-class tech provider who handle over £1bn spend under management.

To discuss how we can help you win, protect and develop key accounts please contact our RPO team led by

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